DJ Paulo is a famous DJ/PRODUCER known for playing World Beats. You can hear his music at many festivals and in clubs at many places all over the world. World Beats means a combination of traditional music mixed with electronic music. The result is a modern, good and danceable sound with traditional influences. Popular World Beats are for example: Latin America, Balkan, African, Tropical, Mestizo and Oriental.

Depending on the festival or club, I play one type of Music; for example at a Brazilian party I only play Brazilian music but it is also possible to play different styles in a set.

Besides DJ/Producer I also teach young and talented DJs how to become music producers.
Recently I made some music for a live performance with musicians either from Africa or Brazil.

My latest project is called World House Beats (WHB). It is based on World Beats but with the beat from house music (128 BPM). There are several possibilities like Latin House, Balkan House or African House.

Besides this I am running a DJ Collective with professional DJs so I can provide you with many kinds of music.

For some demo’s you can go to soundcloud and mixcloud.

Enjoy my site and if you have any questions, please contact me.

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